Wednesday, April 09, 2003

The Service Industry Today (A Visit To CharterOne Bank)

Customer comments:
I was just in your branch at the corner of State st. and N. Pearl in
Albany NY. I needed to get a roll of quarters so I could feed the meeter,
so time is ticking away.

Nash leaves his window to go have a cigarette and there are three people
in front of me and two behind me in the line waiting to be served. He
left with just one person covering all of the windows.

I know because the customer behind me complained to Nash as he went out
the door, even reminded him that customers come first...but Nash did not
slow down. This customer then complained to a woman entering the area and
she was polite, but as soon as the customer turned his back to get back
into line I saw her roll her eyes.

This makes it very apparent that CharterOne Bank does not think that
customers come first.

I want to know what has happened to the banking industry when customers,
who provide the money so greatly coveted by the industry, can possibly be
treated as cattle, just a dumb animal that provides an end to a means.

A reasponse via email is apprieciated.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Here, we have a law that states you must give a pedistrian right of way, especially if they are on your side of the street and in a crosswalk. Naturally, this law is Never enforced.

I don't know how many times I have had plenty of room to cross, and just as I step off the curb the damn car coming at me guns it. And lets say I just make it to the curb...obviously deftly calculated manuver by the driver of affore-mentioned car...that bastard will will come as close to the curb as they can.

Are they trying to give me a suttle hint...something like I am way bigger than you and solid stay off the street...because they own it?

I have a plan...I am going to start usign one of those little-teeny cameras and video them, playing close attention to their face. I will then view these videos and memorize every detail of their glee-filled evil faces. Then I will cruise the downtown area searching...for them...I will show them how to menace a pedestrian properly...when I get done, and the tire smoke clears...there will be a stench in the air and load in their pants.

Monday, March 31, 2003

I Thought This was Taboo!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Just a Thought

All that Triple-A (Anti-Aircraft Artillery) that gets fired into the sky has to come down somewhere.

Friday, March 21, 2003

I Think Hell May Have Just Frozen Over

This one is from The CNN U.S.Page (again, no by-line):

SANTA FE, New Mexico (AP) -- New Mexico could soon regain its title as the "Land of Enchantment" -- complete with its own butterfly, toad and lizard.

A bill that would restore the distinction plus name new official state critters won approval from the state Legislature and awaits the governor's signature.

The Sandia hairstreak -- a small, green-and-gold butterfly found in much of the state -- would become the official state butterfly.

The New Mexico whiptail lizard would be the official state reptile, while the New Mexico spadefoot toad assumes the role of official amphibian.

They would join a list of official symbols that include a state bird, tree, animal, vegetable, gem, grass, fossil, fish, flower, cookie and insect.

The legislation makes New Mexico "the Land of Enchantment" again. The nickname was accidentally deleted from state statutes when that portion of the law was amended a few years ago.

But one colleague wasn't so enchanted.

"It seems to me we spend an awful lot of time and an awful lot of money worrying about these things," said Sen. William Sharer.

I am shocked! There is a politician playing with a full deck in this Country. I guess "they" are right...there is one in every crowd.

I Say..."Flip Them the Bird"

I cut and paste this from the CNN Entertainment Section (there was no by-line):

S.C.: Free Chicks concert

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (AP) -- South Carolina House members say the Dixie Chicks should apologize for lead singer Natalie Maines' criticism of President Bush by performing a free concert for troops.

Republican state Rep. Catherine Ceips introduced a resolution Wednesday calling for the country music trio to perform for South Carolina troops and their families.

Maines, speaking about President Bush's push for military action against Iraq, told a London audience last week, "Just so you know, we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas."

Radio stations nationwide are boycotting the Dixie Chicks even though Maines, a native of Lubbock, Texas, has publicly apologized.

Cindi Berger, the Dixie Chicks' publicist, had no comment on the resolution, which passed the House on a 50-35 vote and left some lawmakers angry and others confused.

"I think it's an olive branch to the Dixie Chicks," Ceips said.

"But only after they apologize first for exercising their free speech, is that correct?" asked House Minority Leader James Smith, a Democrat.

The Dixie Chicks have been in Europe promoting their recent release "Home," which won a Grammy last month for best country album.

OK...So South Carolina passed a "resolution" to get a free concert for the troops. I think that if the State of South Carolina wants the Dixie Chix to perform for the troops so damn badly, they should pay for it. I think this is just a stunt to look good to the boys...a see how much we care (under their breath they are saying but notenough to lay out some cash for you).

That Natalie did was comparative to kid saying to another "My father can beat up your father"...because she did not put down the troops themselves, just thier commander in chief. The only good thing that can come out this is, when they play my town, I can get some front row tickets on the cheep...because if the people who have the tickets are so upset, they really shuold not try to profit from this...that would be WORSE than the incident itself.
Pissing and Moaning Dept

OK, where I live it has been raining for a couple days...I know, at least it isn't snow...BUT...this IS like a Lion and out like a Lamb...Its is April Showers...blah blah blah. I really count on nice weather in March to get over the duldrums of winter.

And while we are talking about it...if the GroundHog doesn't get his act together soon...I say we replace him with a Wart Hog. At least he won't be scared of his shadow and run back into his hole...he will just find the nearest puddle of mud and lay down. This will ensure us an early spring year after year.